Best Breakfast in Singapore [Find The Best One]

If you’re looking for the best breakfast in Singapore, you’re in luck. Singapore is a great place to go to, especially in the morning when you wake up and want to be on your way. In fact, the best breakfast in Singapore starts hours before you even wake up. You’ll be in your pajamas before you know it. Here are some great tips to make the most out of your stay at home.

Use The Internet

First thing to do is find the best breakfast in Singapore on your own. Of course, if you’ve never eaten at a restaurant in Singapore before, the Internet is full of information on how to do that. Just type “best breakfast in Singapore” into your search engine and you’ll find a whole lot of websites and blogs about what the best restaurants are in Singapore are. Look through them to see what you like, what doesn’t and what you don’t like.

Next, check with local travel guides like the South China Morning Post and Smart Travel to find out more about the region you are visiting. Singapore is a great place to explore so you should definitely look into that. Then, start looking around for a restaurant. When you do, keep these tips in mind.

It’s best to go to a restaurant that is within walking distance to your hotel or apartment. That way, you won’t have to worry about spending so much time getting ready in the mornings. Of course, you can always drive down to the area to eat breakfast. Some hotels do offer cheaper buffets during the day, but that’s a rare treat at night.

And last, you will need a wide variety of foods to choose from. Singaporean breakfasts can vary greatly depending on what time of the day it is and what you like to eat. For instance, you will find many dishes that are mainly for breakfast time. But, there are also many dishes that you can choose to have for lunch and dinner as well.

Types of Restaurants

Most restaurants will offer more than just eggs, toast, bacon, hash browns and coffee. You will be surprised to find that there are regional specialties that only cater to a certain group of people. If you’re traveling with children, try to find a restaurant that serves egg dishes and waffles. The kids will love it. It’s also a good idea to ask the wait staff what they think are the best breakfast dishes for kids.

Of course, you can always go to any of the amazing new restaurants in the Central Business District. They have some of the best breakfast dishes in town. Or, if you want to go high-end and choose a restaurant off the beaten path, then head to the Raffles Hotel Singapore. Both of those will give you some of the best breakfasts in town.

With all this choice, it should be easy to find the restaurant that has the best breakfast for you and your family. Head out early to determine the best time to visit so you don’t have to waste your day waiting for a place to breakfast. Or, if you’re really hungry, take a taxi to your hotel and have a leisurely breakfast before you hit the town. There is something for everyone.

Take a look at the menu before you go and ask the waiter which is the best option for you. If he has several options, then that means he knows how to serve people well. If he offers you only one, that’s a pretty good sign. Otherwise, he might not be that experienced.

Some of the most popular restaurants include La Dolce Vita, located in the same area as Sapphire Safari, The London House and Ivy Club. Out in the old part of town, you can find The Manila Hotel and Tugun Palace, which have fantastic Chinese menus. Of course, you can always just come straight to MRT Station and get a bowl of noodles and rice.

What is the best breakfast in Singapore? That answer will likely vary depending on your preferences, the time of day and what exactly you are looking for in a restaurant. Whatever you do, don’t settle for second best. There is a restaurant for every budget and every taste.

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