Places to Get the Best Pizza in Singapore

The best pizza in Singapore, according to the locals, is freshly made from scratch with the best toppings and vegetables as well. However, what most people look for in a restaurant in Singapore is good food and that too in a fast food chain. They expect the same quality, taste and variety from those food joints as they do from the Italian chains or the Mexican ones. This perception is wrong because the Pizza chains have come to Singapore and along with innovation and better technology, are delivering good tasting pizza joints that cater to the needs of the local crowds.

There are many places in Singapore where you can find the best pizza joints. There is a distinct difference in each of these restaurants. Some serve their pizza base directly on a heated stone. Such a practise not only ensures that the crust is perfectly baked but also allows the pizza joint to be open on a very hot and tropical day.

Places to Get

Other places have a conveyor belt system installed so that the toppings get sliced into the correct size and placed into the oven. This helps the local crowd to have an option of their choice as they are all freshly baked. In some cases, a pizza maker also includes cheese and red sauce topping along with the actual pizza base. While this may seem extravagant for an average consumer, it would set Singapore apart from the rest of the world if this were the case.

What is special about Singaporean pizza joints? The unique quality and variety of toppings available at these eateries cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Most Americans would not be able to appreciate the real Singaporean flavor. The secret is in the handcrafted dough and the original, natural ingredients used in the making of the pizza.

There are so many options available for pizza toppings in Singapore. The local crowd loves cheddar cheese on their pie, while others prefer Colby cheese. Pepperoni is always popular, while people who are health conscious will enjoy tofu on their pie. Those on a diet will love hemp seeds on their pie, while others will go for broccoli or spinach. The local crowd has an unlimited number of toppings to choose from so everyone can find something that they enjoy.

Sinaporean Style Pizza

One of the best places to go if you want to have Singaporean style pizza is the Baking House on Orchard Road, which is owned by Tony Lama of Singapore. You can get your pie just about anywhere in this restaurant, which is known for its wide selection of international toppings. You will also find traditional Singaporean fare such as rice and chicken, prawns, roast beef, and even seafood. With so many choices, you should never be stuck for something when dining at this place. Their prices are also very affordable, which is another reason why people frequent this restaurant.

If you are looking for the best pizza joints in Singapore, your best bet is located in Bugis Street. This place is known as the Filipino Pizza Kitchen due to the large number of Filipino workers who work at this establishment. You will get a full meal here, which is made up of your choice of Italian sausage, vegetables, and a red sauce. Although most of their customers are from the Philippines, you will find many American, Japanese, and Chinese customers as well. This type of pizza joint offers both thin and large pizzas, and is known for their delicious salads as well.

Pino Nola

Of course, one of the places to get great pizza in Singapore is Pino Nola. This place serves only the best pizza in town, and this is because owner Mario Carlo Pino came from Italy. The great thing about this restaurant is that there are actually two locations located in the same building, allowing you to get pizza whenever you feel like it. Due to the fact that there are not too many people inside the restaurant, you can get to eat your favorite kind of pizza without having to fight for a seat. The prices of the pizzas here are quite reasonable, and if you want to treat yourself to some amazing food, this is the best place to go to.

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